Board of Directors:


Mr. Vivekanand Sheorey (Vicky)
Chairman & Managing Director

›› After graduating with a degree in Commerce from University of Nagpur in 1977, Vicky Graduated from the Air Force Academy as a Fighter Pilot in 1979.
›› During his 12 year tenure with the IAF, Vicky garnered invaluable operational experience on frontline Fighter-Bomber aircraft, logging over 1000 hours on HF-24 Maruts, MiG-21Ms and MiG-23BNs.
›› His tryst with the "world of computers" started way back in 1985 while still in the IAF, driving him far onto the "Information Technology Super Highway" after his retirement.
›› Since then his experience includes application software programming, desktop publishing, computer graphics and multimedia technologies, spanning over two decades.
›› He is the founder and promoter of CMSS and has been the chief business analyst, architect and designer of all the software products being designed and developed by CMSS.
›› Vicky's passions include graphic design, photography, and aero-modeling. A keen golfer and loves to cook up a gourmet meal for friends over weekends.


Mr. Rohit Jha
Executive Director

›› After graduating in Electronics, Telecommunication and Computer Engineer - from Mumbai University in 1995, Rohit pursued a post graduate degree in Law, also from Mumbai University.
›› Rohit started his career with CMSS and over the past 15 years has risen to be the Chief Technology Officer of CMSS.
›› With over a decade's experience and an in-depth understanding of civil aviation operations, Rohit is the Head System Analyst and co-architect of all the software products being designed and developed by CMSS.
›› From the very limited time left for leisure and family, Rohit loves to spend his free hours browsing the net for the latest Tech updates and gizmos.


Mr. R Venkatsubramanian (Venky)

›› Nominee Director representing, Broadcom Ltd., and Hexagram Investments Pvt. Ltd.,
›› A Chartered Accountant by profession, Venky has been in the Financial Services domain for over 2 decades.
›› Venky provides CMSS the financial guidance and advise.


Major (Retd.) Arun Phatak

›› A graduate of the National Defence Academy (NDA), Major Phatak served in the Artillery arm of the Indian Army
›› He is an MBA from University of Halifax and is the, Chairman, Director, CEO, Proprietor, Partner & Consultant of various blue chip Companies.
›› Major Phatak brings to the CMSS Board the experience and wisdom that spans four decades and plethora of industry verticals.
›› He is an ardent and accomplished all round sportsman and a music aficionado.
›› Maj. Phatak is presently;
  CEO of The Brihan Maharashtra Sugar Syndicate Limited.
  Chairman of Omega Telecon
  Proprietor of Omega Marketing and Communications
  Partner of VAP Marketing.
  Partner of Omega Marine & Oil Services.
  Director of Samant Soma Wines Limited.
  Director of The Kolhapur Steel Limited.
  Consultant to ABG Limited.
  Consultant to RPG Life Sciences Limited.


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