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C3.ai Stock Price Forecast-Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040

This article will cover our predictions of the C3.ai share price for 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040.

C3.ai, founded by Thomas Seibel in 2009 under the working name “C3”, was the brainchild of Thomas Seibel. The “C” in the name of the company stands for “Carbon”, a nod to the company’s commitment to “measuring and reducing corporate carbon footprints and monetizing them”.

C3 was known by many different names in 2016 as it adapted itself to new technologies and markets, such as C3IoT. In 2020, C3.ai made its successful debut on stock exchange as a pioneer of artificial intelligence.

C3.ai Stock Price Forecast 2023 | C3.ai Stock Price Prediction 2023

Stock up at deep discounts on the major indices of 2022.

Continue to proceed with caution until the cause of these falling stock prices is identified.

Investigate root causes, such as questionable business practices, shaky statements of financial information, or uncertain economic predictions.

We have created a crystal-ball that combines the skills of technical and fundamental analysis with the insights of analyst forecasts to look into the future.

This allows us to predict the stock price of C3.ai in 2023.

The C3.ai Stock, which has experienced a slight correction between 1% and 7% may provide some hope amid uncertainty, at $15 to $26.

C3.ai Stock Price Forecast-Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040 TABLE

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
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C3.ai Stock Price Forecast 2024 | C3.ai Stock Price Prediction 2024

Juho Parker, the new CFO at the company, is in agreement that the switch to smaller, usage based contracts, will stabilize long-term growth. C3.ai and Alphabet’s Google Cloud recently expanded their partnership, with the AI services of C3.ai now being bundled into Google’s cloud solutions, potentially boosting sales.

We believe, based on our research that by FY2024, C3.ai’s annual revenue will grow more than 30%. Its stock is likely to trade between $25 and $35.00.

C3.ai Stock Price Forecast 2025 | C3.ai Stock Price Prediction 2025

C3.ai, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence (AI), has recently expanded its alliance with Alphabet Cloud. This could increase revenue when C3.ai merges its AI services with Google Cloud.

C3.ai boasts a vibrant digital firm, with a highly innovative culture and a team that is up to the task of solving the problems of tomorrow. If C3.ai manages to overcome current challenges over the next few years, its stock prediction of $38-48 in 2025 might come true.

C3.ai Stock Price Forecast 2030 | C3.ai Stock Price Prediction 2030

Our C3.ai price forecast for 2020 projects that the price of the stock will range from $48 up to $63 C3.ai stock, which is a form of artificial intelligence, will enjoy a good year. The average price could be $54.

C3.ai Stock Price Forecast 2040 | C3.ai Stock Price Prediction 2040

Our technical analysis predicts the price of C3.ai will range from $62to $84 between 2040.

You should buy this stock if artificial intelligence is something you plan to invest in for a very long time. AI and machine learning will rule the world of the future.

C3.ai Stock Price Forecast 2050 | C3.ai Stock Price Prediction 2050

Our analysis predicts a price range of $85 to $110 for C3.ai in 2050.

By 2050, AI is going to be used in the majority of businesses. C3.ai stock will skyrocket in the next few years, if they can keep it up until 2050.

Overview Of C3.ai Share

Imagine a time when artificial intelligence permeates all aspects of human existence. It will give everyday tasks new meaning, and turn them into exciting discoveries.

It’s only a matter of time before this dream becomes a reality, thanks to companies like C3.ai. C3.ai has a range of enterprise AI products that can help businesses to harness AI’s powerful potential.

C3.ai aims to provide enterprise-wide AI through its innovative software as service (SaaS). C3 AI Suite is one of two innovative products that the company offers. It has been designed to revolutionise businesses.

C3 AI Suite offers modern businesses the tools necessary to develop their own AI application, deploy it, and manage it. This latest development has the potential to transform business processes, by unlocking AI’s development potential.

C3.ai’s C3 AI Apps are a set of AI applications that are ready for enterprise use and are designed specifically for a range of sectors. Oil and gas is only one of many industries to benefit from the specialised AI solutions that are ushering in an era of increased productivity.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly replacing humans as a trusted confidant. AI is revolutionizing entire industries and dreaming of a better tomorrow for us all. C3.ai has been at the forefront in this exciting new era.


C3.ai offers both risks and rewards, just like any other investment. Think about the level of risk you’re comfortable with and your goals.

1. What do you think is the future for C3.ai Stock?

While industry forecasts are varied, most expect a substantial expansion in 2025.

2.What’s the outlook for C3.ai shares in 2024?

While the estimates for 2024 differ, most analysts expect a steady expansion.

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