Francheska Rait (Francis Magalona’s Daughter) Age, Mother, Wiki, Height, Boyfriend, Net worth & More

Francheska Rait is a 15-year-old girl who recently came into the spotlight as the alleged daughter of the late Francis Magalona, a Filipino rapper, singer, actor, and television personality. Francheska’s mother is Abegail Rait, a former flight attendant who claims to have had a relationship with Magalona in the past. Here are some facts about Francheska Rait and her family.

Who is Francheska Rait? A Quick Profile of Francis Magalona’s Daughter

NameFrancheska Rait
Date of BirthDecember 8, 2007
Place of BirthPhilippines
Zodiac SignSagittarius
ReligionRoman Catholic
Height5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight110 lbs (50 kg)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
EducationHigh School Student
HobbiesSinging, Dancing, Reading

The Secret Story of Francheska Rait and Her Father Francis Magalona

Francheska is the daughter of Abegail Rait and Francis Magalona. Abegail Rait is a former flight attendant who met Magalona when she watched Eat Bulaga, a noontime variety show where Magalona was a host and performer. Abegail said that Magalona saw her in the studio and asked for her number. They started a relationship that resulted in Francheska’s birth.

franchesca rait with her family

Abegail and Francheska kept their relationship with Magalona a secret for 15 years. They did not reveal their existence to the public until recently when they appeared on the YouTube channel Pinoy Pawnstars to sell some of Magalona’s memorabilia. Abegail said that she wanted to give Francheska the right to know her father and his legacy. She also said that she did not intend to hurt anyone or cause any controversy.

Francis Magalona was a legendary figure in the Philippine entertainment industry. He was known as the “Master Rapper” and the “King of Rap” for his influential and pioneering role in Filipino hip hop. He was also a singer, songwriter, actor, director, producer, entrepreneur, and television personality. He was married to Pia Arroyo-Magalona, with whom he had eight children: Unna, Nicolo, Francis Jr., Maxene, Elmo, Arkin, Clara, and Saab.

Magalona was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2008. He underwent chemotherapy and was scheduled for a bone marrow transplant. However, he died on March 6, 2009, due to multiple organ failure caused by septic shock and pneumonia. He was 44 years old.

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Is Francheska Rait Real Daughter of Francis Magalona?

The question of whether Francheska Rait is the real daughter of Francis Magalona is not easy to answer with certainty. There is no official confirmation or denial from either the Magalona family or Abegail Rait, the mother of Francheska. However, based on the available information, there are some clues that may suggest a possible biological connection.

First, Abegail Rait claims that she had a relationship with Francis Magalona in the past and that he was aware of Francheska’s existence. She said that they met when she was a flight attendant and he was a host and performer on Eat Bulaga, a popular noontime variety show. She also said that they kept in touch through phone calls and text messages and that he visited them occasionally. She showed some photos and videos of her and Francheska with Francis Magalona as proof of their relationship.

franchesca rait with her mother abegal rait

Second, Francheska Rait shares the same birthday as Francis Magalona, which is December 8. She was born in 2007, a year before Francis Magalona was diagnosed with leukemia. Abegail Rait said that she named her daughter after him, as a tribute to his rap name Francis M.

Third, Francheska Rait bears a striking resemblance to Francis Magalona and some of his children. She has the same facial features, hair color, eye color, and skin tone as her alleged father. She also looks like some of her half-siblings, especially Elmo and Saab Magalona.

franchesca rait wiki

However, these clues are not conclusive evidence of paternity. The only way to determine the truth is through a DNA test, which can compare the genetic markers of Francheska Rait and Francis Magalona or his relatives. A DNA test can be done by taking a sample of saliva, blood, or hair from both parties and sending it to a certified laboratory for analysis. A DNA test can provide a high degree of accuracy and reliability in establishing biological relationships.

Francis Magalona’s Secret Daughter: Abegail Rait Reveals Her Relationship with the Late Rap Icon

This news is about a woman named Abegail Rait, who claims to be the former partner of Francis Magalona, a famous Filipino rapper, actor, and TV host who died in 2009. Abegail Rait revealed her relationship with Francis Magalona on a YouTube channel called Pinoy Pawnstars, where she sold some of his memorabilia. She also introduced her 15-year-old daughter, Francheska Rait, who she says is the child of Francis Magalona.

a photo of abegail rait and francis mangalona

Abegail Rait said that she and her daughter kept their existence secret for 15 years and that they wanted to honor Francis Magalona’s legacy. This news has sparked intrigue and curiosity among the fans and followers of Francis Magalona, as well as the general public, who want to know more about this hidden chapter of his life. Some people are also wondering if Abegail Rait had an affair with Francis Magalona, who was married to Pia Arroyo-Magalona and had eight children with her.

What Does Francheska Rait Do? How Much is She Worth?

Rait is still a high school student and has not pursued any career yet. She has expressed interest in singing and dancing, following the footsteps of her father. She has also shown talent in drawing and painting.

franchesca rait biodata

Francheska’s net worth is not known at the moment. However, she may have inherited some of her father’s assets and royalties from his music and other ventures. She may also earn some income from selling his memorabilia.

Is Francheska Single or Taken? A Peek into Her Romantic Status

Francheska has not revealed any information about her boyfriend or love life. She may be single or dating someone privately. She seems to be focused on her studies and hobbies at the moment.

How to Follow Rait Online? Her Official and Unofficial Accounts

Rait does not have any official social media accounts as of now. She may have some private accounts that are not accessible to the public. She has appeared on her mother’s Facebook account, where she posts photos and videos of herself and her daughter.

franchesca rait with her mom

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Francheska Rait

  • Rait shares the same birthday as her father, Francis Magalona.
  • Francheska was baptized on December 28, 2008, at a church in Kawit, Cavite.
  • Rait visited her father’s grave at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina on his 59th birth anniversary on October 4, 2023.
  • Francheska bears a striking resemblance to her father and some of her half-siblings.
  • Francheska is a fan of BTS, a popular South Korean boy band.


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