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The Power League in Brawl Stars opened in March 2021, which marks a major change in the competitive game. Giving players a way to advance in the mid to late game, this feature allows fans to engage in unlimited matches and showcase their skills and strategies to the fullest.

As Season 22 of Power League is underway, players are looking for the best lineup to dominate the battlefield. This article details the five best Brawlers that appear in Brawl Stars Power League mode.

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The 5 best Brawlers in Brawl Stars Season 22 Power League

1) Bo: A smart archer


Bo leads as one of the most versatile and smart choices in Brawl Stars Season 22’s Power League. As an Epic Brawler, Bo boasts the perfect combination of amazing utility and good health. His main attack consists of firing three long arrows that explode in a short distance at the end of their path, dealing damage to all types and area damage.

Bo’s Super involves placing three traps on the battlefield. These traps can be triggered by enemy movement, exploding on contact and dealing damage and knocking enemies back. This super deals damage while distracting the enemy, giving Bo and his teammates a tactical advantage.

In addition to Bo’s weapons are his two special Weapons. The first, Super Totem, allows him to place a totem on the field that increases the rate of both Bo’s and allies’ Supers in their respective locations. His second gadget, Tripwire, allows Bo to detonate his traps manually, giving him control over when and where the explosions occur, catching opponents off guard.

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Bo’s Star Powers also enhance his abilities such as Circling Eagle, his first Star Power, expands his appearance into bushes and provides valuable information on the map, making it difficult for enemies to hide. His second Star Power, Snare a Bear, turns his traps into surprise weapons, temporarily immobilizing enemies instead of simply knocking them down.

Bo’s unique combination, crowd control, and technical skills make him a perfect fit for seasoned players to use and dominate the Power League.

2) Snails: The danger of thorns


Spike is a popular Brawler with a unique combination of low health and high damage. Spike’s special attack involves launching a cactus that explodes upon impact and shooting wings in all directions. This unusual attack allows him to destroy from a distance and provides a difficult target for his enemies who want to escape from his barbed attack.

However, Spike’s greatest strength in Brawl Stars is in his Super, a spiked projectile that, when it lands, creates a dangerous area to reduce and destroy the spikes on the ground. This super not only does direct damage but also hinders enemy movement, making it a powerful weapon for controlling the battlefield and trapping opponents in favorable positions.


Spike’s versatility is also shown with his collection of Gadgets and Star Powers. Popping Pincushion, his first Gadget, unleashes a rapid wave of spikes all around him, providing a form of defense in close combat. His second gadget, the Life Plant, activates a permanent effect by releasing a cactus that provides cover and healing for Spike and his allies.

Spike’s Mythic Gear, Sticky Spikes, increases the utility of his Super by increasing its slowness. His Star Powers, which are Fertilize and Curveball, offer more ways to play. While Fertilize allows Spike to heal over time while still within his Super, Curveball causes the spikes from his attack to spin around, making it more difficult for opponents to predict and dodge them.

Players can use Spike’s unique combination of slow damage and crowd control to make a splash in the Power League arena.

3) 8-Bit: Rich pixelated


8-Bit takes to the battlefield as a Super Rare Brawler, distinguished by his impressive presence, good health pool, and powerful laser attack. 8-Bit’s main attack method involves firing six long, highly damaging laser beams, creating a devastating attack that can destroy the health of unsuspecting enemies.

At first glance, 8-Bit’s slow speed may seem like a hindrance, but his real power lies in the Super, Damage Booster which, when activated, greatly increases the damage done by 8-Bit and his allies within it. This unique ability turns 8-Bit into a powerhouse, turning the tide of battle in his favor and making him a valuable asset to any team.


8-Bit has two unique features. His first weapon, the Cheat Cartridge, gives him an unmatched move in Brawl Stars and allows him to send to his Damage Booster instantly. On the other hand, Extra Power, his second Gadget, triples the number of lasers that are fired on his next attack, creating a huge amount of damage that catches opponents.

8-Bit has two Star Powers in Brawl Stars. Boosted Booster, his first Star Power, greatly increases the range of his Damage Booster and increases its damage, turning it into an anti-location weapon. Meanwhile, his second Star Power, Plugged In, targets his natural slow by providing a quick move within a radius around the Damage Booster.

Players can use 8-Bit’s powerful weapons for all offenses and support the team in Brawl Stars Power League.

4) Colt: Shooter


Colt is known as a Rare Brawler in Brawl Stars who boasts a dangerous combination of high health and high damage. Colt’s initial attack fires six long projectiles that can knock opponents away.

Colt’s success in Brawl Stars is also enhanced by his Super, a long volley of twelve bullets that can destroy his obstacles. This special ability not only increases his damage output but also gives him the means to control and organize the battlefield according to his team’s abilities.


Colt has two special weapons in Brawl Stars. The Speedloader, his first Gadget, also sends out two weapons at once, allowing him to continuously fire bullets without pausing. His second weapon, the Silver Bullet, adds an element of sophistication by turning his next attack into a single piercing bullet. This gadget can deal the same amount of damage as his two regular bullets.

Colt’s Star Powers also change the gameplay. His first Star Power, Damaged Boots, increases his speed, making him more efficient on the battlefield and helping to reload faster in Brawl Stars. On the other hand, Magnum Special, his second Star power, increases the attack speed of his original attack, making him a deadly threat from a distance.

When Colt enters the Power League, players can use his speed and firepower to dominate Brawl Stars.

5) Charlie – The Yo-Yo maestro


Amidst the chaos of Brawl Stars Season 22’s Power League, a Mythic Brawler named Charlie, known as The Yo-Yo Maestro, enters the arena with a unique combination of weapons, distractions, and unusual fighting techniques. Unlike many of his peers, Charlie’s strength lies not in firepower but in his ability to maneuver and control the battlefield with a yo-yo.

Charlie’s first attack consists of throwing a yo-yo forward, damaging any enemies that have a chance. His attack only damages his armor but quickly recharges by returning to the yo-yo. This attack emphasizes the gameplay that skilled players can climb in Brawl Stars to keep up the pressure.

At the heart of Charlie’s arsenal is his Super, a hair that he shoots momentarily to trap enemy Brawlers in a cage. This ability provides unparalleled human control, interrupting the enemy’s movements and allowing Charlie and his teammates to take advantage of the Brawl Stars.


Spiders, Charlie’s first Gadget, summons three tiny spiders that chase enemies, quickly threatening them. They act as an additional source of damage and distraction away from Charlie. His second gadget, Personal Space, allows Charlie to create a cocoon around himself, providing brief respite to enemies and healing him when the shell is destroyed.

Charlie’s Star Powers set him apart on the battlefield. Digestive, his first Star Power, reduces the health of an enemy Brawler when the cocoon is destroyed, ensuring that his crowd control ability has a lasting effect. Slimy, his second Star Power, infuses his Super with extra chaos by causing it to drop drops of slime, thus slowing enemies around him.

While The Yo-Yo Maestro plays a major role in Power League, players can use Charlie’s special abilities to control battles in Brawl Stars.

As Brawl Stars fans enter Season 22 of the Power League, these five picks come out as the best Brawlers for those who want victory and greatness. Each with unique abilities, weapons, and Star Powers, these Brawlers bring a combination of offense, defense, and utility to the field, ensuring a fun and competitive experience.

Players can also make another decision by analyzing the list of December tier Brawlers in Brawl Stars.

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