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GTA Online’s latest update, The Chop Shop, came with a ton of new content, features, and improvements. However, it also introduced some bugs, which ranged from mildly annoying to completely game-breaking. Rockstar has now fixed all these bugs, and players should no longer face these issues.

It’s not unusual for GTA Online to encounter these errors after major DLC, such as the Chop Shop update. It’s also not uncommon for Rockstar to release a simple hotfix to deal with these bugs.

This article provides a list of some of the issues that Rockstar has fixed. Players should note that this article will not cover any of the bugs related to copying money and cars.

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5 errors in the GTA Online Chop Shop update that Rockstar has now fixed

1) License plate defect

The main issue faced by GTA Online Chop Shop update players was that their game would freeze when customizing their car due to a license plate error. This bug will only affect people with a large list of custom license plates. What happened is that if they went past the assigned license plate number 22, the game would freeze.

They will stumble upon a car customization view but no menu options. There was no way to back out or do anything other than access the pause menu and start or find a new session. However, Rockstar hasn’t completely fixed the issue; They made it impossible to go beyond the 22nd custom plate.

The online license plate generator still displays all custom plates. This issue may not be fully addressed before another major update, which is unlikely to happen before summer 2024.

2) Rescue yard gang attack bug

There was a bug affecting the new feature of the Chop Shop update, Salvage Yard. This error particularly affected the Salvage Yard in La Puerta, which is the most expensive at $2,690,000. The location of the property was also where the scripted gang attack event would take place.

Players who purchased the Salvage Yard in La Puerta and attempt to enter there will be caught in a Freemode side quest and will have to complete it before they can access their new property. This issue has been well documented, as several YouTubers live-streaming GTA Online encountered it during the launch of the Chop Shop update.

Rockstar has since corrected this and removed the Gang Attack that could occur in that location. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this, as GTA Online originally had 50 group attacks, many of which don’t exist anymore.

3) The problem with Dr. Dre’s contract

There was also an issue with Dr. Dre is at the agency in The Contract DLC for GTA Online. In the final South Central Leak mission, where players had to steal a Lowrider and deliver it, the game did not recognize the car even if it was brought to the yellow circle at the dealership.

This issue has since been fixed, so players can now successfully complete this mission without experiencing any glitches. The car in question is a Buccaneer Custom, which was obtained after the Vagos leader who was driving it was killed. Lowrider has a copy of Dr. Dre’s stolen music, and the mission fails if it is destroyed.

4) Preserving the reason for migration

The most bizarre issue introduced with the GTA Online Chop Shop update was a save migration glitch. With the launch of the DLC, Rockstar mistakenly disabled save migration from older consoles. This meant that players on PS4 or Xbox One were unable to transfer their accounts to PS5 or Xbox Series

Fortunately, this issue was resolved before the Christmas event. However, it’s strange that they managed to screw this up in the first place. Some players believe that Rockstar may end support for last-gen consoles like PS4 or Xbox One soon, but there has been no official statement about this yet.

5) Artificial intelligence moderation of sound

Although this isn’t actually a bug fix, Rockstar has now fully upgraded and implemented its AI voice control app to combat hate speech in public lobbies. The tool will now pick up any racist, sexist, transphobic, or any other type of offensive speech, and the offender may receive a ban on their GTA Online account.

It is not known what words are allowed for players and what is prohibited, because Grand Theft Auto 5 is already an offensive game intended for adults. This measure was allegedly initially rolled out in October, but they officially introduced it in the latest update in December.

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