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In a series of X posts, Mr Raju said his two friends were unharmed.

A man in Madhya Pradesh recently shared his terrifying experience online, as his friends narrowly escaped unhurt after their Tata Nexon skidded off the road after the car’s tire separated due to a broken wheel axle. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), user Tanmay Raju said that the incident occurred on December 23, Saturday, when his two friends were traveling from Siddhi to pick him up from Prayagraj Airport in Uttar Pradesh. According to him, initially, his friends were unaware of the problem but soon noticed That a tire rolled in front of the car and then their car slid off the road into a field.

In a series of X posts, Mr Raju said his two friends were unharmed. But he revealed that the car’s tire separated due to a fracture in the wheel axle. He stated that they “faced challenges in requesting assistance from Tata Motors, which sent two unhelpful people with a tow truck.” “After a long delay of more than six hours, they stated that we need to arrange for Hydra to lift the car back onto the road before they tow it,” Mr. Raju added.

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In the following post, User X said his two friends were left stranded in a field for 28 hours. Despite this, he said Tata Motors demanded payment for the tow truck. “Only the next day, at 2 pm, I found a private towing service, which towed the car to the Rewa Tata Motors workshop. This accident lasted more than 28 hours and was a life-threatening situation. Tata Motors must take full responsibility for this incident.” About partial failure,” Mr. Raju tweeted.

He also shared a series of photos of the broken wheel hub and wrote, “Tata Nexon has a 5-star safety rating, but a partial failure in my car which is less than 2 years old raises concerns. Tata Motors should take full responsibility, someone could have did that”. They lost their lives. I urge @TataMotors to recover the cost of towing and address this situation responsibly.#tatanexon.”

The official page of Tata Motor Cars was quick to respond to Mr. Raju’s posts. They asked the man to share his contact details so they could get in touch. “Hi Tanmay, We would really like to look into the concerns you have raised. Please share your primary and alternate contact number, email ID and agent information via direct message, so that we can reach out to you for further assistance,” the company said.

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Meanwhile, this is not the first time someone has expressed dissatisfaction with Tata Nexon. Earlier this year, a Bengaluru man claimed to have been given a ‘defective’ new Tata Nexon car.

Responding to the post, Tata Nexon wrote: “Hi @shras007, We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your email id via direct message, so that we can assist the concerned team soon.”

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