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A day after Karg wrote to Denkar that he was “strongly in favor of dialogue and discussion,” the latter’s office sent another letter to Karg on Saturday evening, saying he had been repeatedly rebuffed by Karg, who rejected his offers to interact on Sunday. I have learned Express.

“I hope that your assertion in your letter of 22 December that we ‘firmly believe in promoting dialogue and discussion’ will be reflected in the proceedings,” the letter said. Dhankhar said that during the entire session, despite his repeated requests in the council and through written communications to seek leniency in the interaction, the same was not fruitful.

“I had to suffer painfully in the House of Representatives from your ‘dismissive’ stance on my offer to interact in the chamber,” the letter said, adding: “On reflection, you would agree to avoid interacting with the President and decline such a request on the floor of the chamber.” House by LoP is completely unprecedented and certainly not in keeping with established parliamentary practice, of which you are a veteran.

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Kharg had said that he hoped that Dhankhar would respond to the opposition’s concerns and support the basic principle of parliamentary democracy. He said in his message on Friday: “The government will have its way, but the opposition must have its word in letter and spirit.”

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Regarding the suspension of opposition MPs, Dhankar says in the new letter that the premise of the suspension, contrary to Kharge’s position, was deliberate disturbance in the Assembly through shouting slogans, raising banners, entering the well of the Assembly and gesticulating towards the Speaker.

“Before taking this unpleasant step, all efforts and initiatives had been exhausted on my part to secure order in the House, including by adjourning briefly and seeking interaction in my chamber,” he said.

He said the disruption was deliberate and strategically planned, adding that he was “not seeking to embarrass you by pointing out the pre-determined role of the main opposition party in this communication.”

Dhankar also mentioned the incident of Rahul Gandhi filming the copycat incident, and he did not even name the Congress MP. “Do you remember that I took similar recourse even when one of your members videotaped the House proceedings by sharing the sensitive aspects of that incident with you in my chambers,” he said.

He sent Kharji an invitation to meet him at his residence on Monday. “We need to move forward and so forth. I will be grateful if you find time to interact on December 25 at 4 pm or a time of your convenience at Up-Rashtrapati Niwas,” the message read.


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