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The Terminus is an upcoming GTA Online vehicle that will be released as part of the ongoing Chop Shop DLC. It’s a new Jeep model with surprisingly good performance and plenty of customization options. The car looks very attractive as well, which shows that Rockstar paid a lot of attention to detail when making it. It will be an expensive car, but its features and performance could easily make up for the price.

So, for those who are contemplating whether or not to save money on Terminus when it launches in GTA Online’s Chop Shop DLC, here’s everything there is to know about it. Players should note that the car’s launch will not take place before January 2024.

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Unreleased Canis Terminus in GTA Online: Expected price, performance and more

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The first and most obvious thing GTA Online players will notice about Terminus is its similarity to Mesa. In fact, it looks like a heavily modified and more detailed version of the same car that has been in the series since Vice City. Both the Terminus and Mesa are manufactured by Canis, so they are clearly different variants of the same basic model.

Canis Terminus is a drip-fed vehicle that will be added in-game with the GTA Online Chop Shop update. As such, the exact release date is currently unknown, but will most likely not arrive with next week’s update (January 4, 2023). This car is heavily inspired by the fourth generation of the Jeep Wrangler (JL), especially the modified 2024 Rubicon model, and this influence can be seen in the grille and hood.

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The Mesa, on the other hand, appears to be based on the 2007-2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. There is no doubt that the Terminus is an attractive vehicle, and it has a lot of details that make it look more realistic compared to the Mesa. There’s no doubt that fans of GTA Online’s off-road vehicles will want to pick up the Terminus when it’s released, and fortunately, its performance complements its looks.

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Despite being an off-road Jeep, the Terminus has an exceptional top speed and very high acceleration. It’s also wonderfully responsive, with great handling that allows it to have complete control at high speeds. The exact speed is unknown at the moment, but according to the game files, it is 91.96 mph (148.00 km/h). Another unique feature is that it can climb relatively steep surfaces with ease.

It’s no surprise that the Terminus is a highly customizable car in GTA Online. It has several unique options exclusive to off-road SUVs, such as a tow hitch in the rear bumper or a hood with shovel and axe. Players can choose different themes for the car, such as a safari look complete with tube doors, roof grilles and a snorkel, or a more sporty and modern design.

Due to its abundance of desirable characteristics and features, the Terminus is also somewhat expensive and is one of the most expensive cars from the Chop Shop update. However, compared to police cars that can be purchased, they are much less expensive. It will have a price $1,877,500 In Southern San Andreas Super Autos when they are made available in the game.

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