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Expert Picks PSU Stock For The Short Term; Strong Returns Expected

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (NSE: BHEL) PSU stocks to buy: There’s an overall decline in the market of stocks this morning (January 18.). 

However, it was apparent that markets were recovering with lower prices. With the current turmoil in the market, the brokerage company has deemed Maharatna PSU Stock a good technical option for the near term. 

The price has risen by over half a percent in Maharatna shares during the trading session. 

The stock last year showed huge growth. The money of investors who invest in shares has nearly doubled in the past six months.

BHEL Share Target, Profit Is Expected In 2-3 Days

The CEO of a top brokerage house has taken BHEL in his technical picks for three days. The target has been set at 227 rupees. 

On the 17th of January 2024, the price was Rs 207. In this manner, an upside of 9 percent can be observed in the shares. 

Maharatna PSU stock hit a low of 196.30 in the intraday trading session and then reached the highest level of 211.

BHEL Share Price History

The performance of BHEL share has been incredibly strong over the past year. The stock has increased more than 150 percent over the past year. 

In the last six months, PSU Stock doubled the investment of the investors. In this time investors have received an incredible return of around 120 percent. 

The 52-week high for the stock is 213 while the lowest is 66.30. The market capitalization for the firm on BSE was at 72,548 crore.

About Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) is India’s biggest sector in the field of engineering and manufacturing energy and manufacturing of power plant equipment.

It was founded in 1964. They are a major maker of power equipment globally and are among the first and major contributors to building the Aatmanirbhar Bharat. 

The products and services it offers serve the energy, transportation, power as well as energy, oil and gas, and many other industrial markets.

The company operates in three segments of business: Power, Industry, and International Operations. 

The global installed power-generating equipment manufactured by BHEL is greater than 194 GW, which makes it the undisputed top-of-the-line among Indian producers of power plant equipment. 

They have built more than 1000 hydro, thermal nuclear, nuclear, gas, and solar PV-based power generation sets. 

The majority of the revenues come from India but the company has a significant influence in a variety of areas.

Fundamental Analysis of Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd 

Market Cap ₹ 70,703 Cr.
Current Price ₹ 212.90
52-wk High ₹ 213.20
52-wk Low ₹ 66.3
Stock P/E 826.60
Book Value ₹ 74.9
Dividend 0.19 %
ROCE 3.33 %
ROE 1.70 %
Face Value ₹ 2.00
P/B Value 2.83
OPM 1.60 %
EPS ₹ 0.20
Debt ₹ 9,040 Cr.
Debt to Equity 0.35

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd Share Price Target 2024 To 2030

Year 1st Target 2nd Target
2024 ₹ 200 ₹ 310
2025 ₹ 360 ₹ 425
2026 ₹ 455 ₹ 505
2027 ₹ 600 ₹ 715
2028 ₹ 800 ₹ 852
2029 ₹ 900 ₹ 942
2030 ₹ 1000 ₹ 1200

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd Shareholding Pattern

Promoters Holding
Dec 2022 63.17%
Mar 2023 63.17%
June 2023 63.17%
Sept 2023 63.17%
Dec 2023 63.17%
FII Holding
Dec 2022 8.48%
Mar 2023 8.58%
June 2023 7.77%
Sept 2023 7.23%
Dec 2023 7.04%
DII Holding
Dec 2022 14.71%
Mar 2023 15.50%
June 2023 16.36%
Sept 2023 15.99%
Dec 2023 17.58%
Public Holding
Dec 2022 13.63%
Mar 2023 12.76%
June 2023 12.71%
Sept 2023 13.62%
Dec 2023 12.23%

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd Share: Last 5 Years’ Financial Condition

To gain a better understanding of how the market is performing, let’s look at the outlook of this share in the previous years. 

However, investors should be aware of the risks and the market conditions before making any investment decision.

Last 5 Years’ Sales:

2019 ₹ 30,441 Cr
2020 ₹ 21,463 Cr
2021 ₹ 17,309 Cr
2022 ₹ 21,211 Cr
2023 ₹ 23,619 Cr

Last 5 Years’ Net Profit:

2019 ₹ 1,002 Cr
2020 ₹ -1,468 Cr
2021 ₹ -2,700 Cr
2022 ₹ 445 Cr
2023 ₹ 71 Cr

Last 5 Years’ Debt-To-Equity Ratio:

2019 0.08
2020 0.17
2021 0.19
2022 0.18
2023 0.2

Last 10 Years’ Profit Growth:

10 Years: -24%
5 Years: 2%
3 Years: 32%
Current Year: -91%

Last 10 years’ Return on Equity (ROE):

10 Years: 1%
5 Years: -2%
3 Years: -2%
Last Year: 2%

Sales Growth Over 10 Years:

10 Years: -7%
5 Years: -4%
3 Years: 3%
Current Year: 2%


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Hopefully, these informations will help you in your further investment. 

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