Who Is Ov Cunt? Age, Boyfriend, BIO, Wiki, Height, Net Worth, Family

OV Cunt is a Filipino drag queen, performer, and makeup artist. She is best known for being one of the contestants on the first season of Drag Race Philippines, a spin-off of the popular reality TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Ov Cunt Age, Biography, Real Name

OV Cunt was born on October 31, 1999 in Manila, Philippines. As she was born in 1999 it make sense that she is now 24 years old only. Her birth name is Oscar Villanueva. She grew up in a conservative Catholic family and faced discrimination and bullying for being gay. She discovered her passion for drag and makeup at a young age and started performing in local bars and clubs.

She attended De La Salle University in Manila and graduated with a degree in Communication Arts. She also studied Theatre Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

ov cunt wiki

Parents, Siblings

ØV Cünt, M1ss Jade So., Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers, Prince, and Bernie are all related through the drag scene, specifically the Drag Race Philippines show. Here’s how they’re connected:

  • Oscar Villanueva is the drag daughter of Bernie.
  • M1ss Jade So. is a drag relative of Oscar.
  • Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers, and Prince are drag relatives of both Oscar Villanueva and M1ss Jade So.

These relationships are often formed in the drag community through mentorship, collaboration, and shared experiences. It’s a way of creating a supportive and creative network. Please note that “drag mother” or “drag daughter” doesn’t necessarily imply a biological relationship, but rather a mentor-mentee relationship in the drag community. The term “drag relative” is used to denote a close relationship within the drag community that isn’t strictly a mentor-mentee relationship.

Cünt is a Filipino drag artist who competed in the second season of Drag Race Philippines . She is a drag sibling of Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers, and Prince from the first season of Drag Race Philippines and is drag-related to M1ss Jade So, a fellow contestant from the second season . In Episode 2 of the second season, Oscar Villanueva revealed that she is a drag daughter of Bernie, another contestant from the same season.

ov cunt height

Height, Weight

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight– 79 kg

Social Links

Twitter- ØV CÜNT (@OVCUNT) / X (


Drag Career

OV Cunt started her drag career in 2020, when she auditioned for the first season of Drag Race Philippines. She was one of the 12 queens selected to compete for the title of Philippines’ Next Drag Superstar. She impressed the judges with her fierce runway looks, comedic skills, and lip-sync abilities. She won two challenges and made it to the top four, along with Mimi Imfurst, Jaja, and Gigi Goode.

She was eliminated in the final episode after losing a lip-sync battle against Jaja, who went on to win the crown. OV received positive feedback from the judges and fans for her performance on the show. She was praised for her creativity, versatility, and confidence.

She also participated in the Opulence Ball, a charity event organized by Drag Race Philippines to raise funds for LGBTQ+ causes. She showcased three stunning outfits inspired by Filipino mythology: a Bakunawa (dragon) look, a Diwata (fairy) look, and a Sirena (mermaid) look.

ov cunt career

Personal Life, Relationship, Boyfriend

OV Cunt is openly gay and proud of her identity. She is currently single and focused on her drag career. She is close friends with her fellow Drag Race Philippines contestants, especially Mimi Imfurst and Gigi Goode.

She is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, where she posts pictures and videos of her drag looks, makeup tutorials, and personal life. She has over 100k followers on Instagram and over 50k likes on Facebook.

ov cunt with friend

Net Worth

OV Cunt has an estimated net worth of $500k, which she earned from her drag performances, TV appearances, endorsements, and merchandise. She is one of the most popular and successful drag queens in the Philippines.

ov cunt real picture
ov cunt real picture

She plans to continue her drag career and expand her horizons. She hopes to travel around the world and perform in different countries. She also wants to collaborate with other drag queens and artists. She dreams of having her own TV show or movie someday.

She is also passionate about using her platform to spread awareness and support for the LGBTQ+ community. She wants to inspire other queer people to be themselves and follow their dreams.


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