Miel Pangilinan (Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan Daughter) Wikipedia, Age, Boyfriend

Miel Pangilinan is the youngest daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan. She is also the sister of actress and entrepreneur KC Concepcion and singer-songwriter Frankie Pangilinan. Miel is a content creator, a queer advocate, and a high school graduate who plans to pursue college in New York. Here are some facts about Miel Pangilinan that you may not know.

Eating Disorder and Recovery Process

Miel Pangilinan opened up about her eating disorder in September 2023 after receiving a comment on TikTok that told her to stop eating rice. She said that the comment was unnecessary, unwarranted, and offensive. She said that she did not need that kind of concern from strangers because she had her own parents, siblings, and nutritionist looking out for her health.

miel pangilinan wiki

She revealed that she had been in recovery from an eating disorder and body image issues for the past two years. She said that part of her eating disorder was an obsessive focus on carbs and avoiding them which caused her to lose a lot of nutrition at an early teenage age. She advised her followers not to overstep their boundaries and to be more aware of the impact of their words on others.

She also accepted the apology of the netizen who made the comment and said that she hoped they would understand and grow for the better in the future. She also thanked those who showed her love and support and said that she was proud of herself and her progress.

Secrets Tips

Do You Know She has Boyfriend Or Not?

As of now, Miel Pangilinan has not revealed if she has a boyfriend, girlfriend, or any romantic partner. She said that she is comfortable enough in who she is and who she loves and how she chooses to present. She also said that she is trying to educate herself on current situations and present issues relating to gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights in the Philippines. 

She received support and love from her family and friends, including her sisters KC Concepcion and Frankie Pangilinan, and her cousins Kiana Valenciano and Gab Pangilinan.


NicknameMiel Pangilinan
NameMariel Daniella Sophia Pangilinan
BirthdateSeptember 2004
Age19 years old
Zodiac signVirgo
Net worthUnknown
WikipediaNot Available

She Has Been Spotted Many Times With Her mother Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Other Family Members

Miel Pangilinan was born in September 2004 to Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan. She is the third child of Sharon and the second child of Kiko. She has three siblings: KC Concepcion, who is Sharon’s daughter with her ex-husband Gabby Concepcion; Frankie Pangilinan, who is Sharon and Kiko’s eldest daughter; and Miguel Pangilinan, who is Sharon and Kiko’s adopted son. As of 2023 her age is only 19 years.

miel pangilinan with her mom sharon
Miel Pangilinan with her mom Sharon Cuneta

Miel’s grandparents are Pablo Cuneta and Elaine Gamboa on her mother’s side, and Donato Pangilinan and Emma Nepomuceno on her father’s side. She also has many aunts, uncles, and cousins from both sides of the family, including Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas, Angeli Pangilinan, Anthony Pangilinan, Helen Gamboa, Tito Sotto, Ciara Sotto, Gary Valenciano, Kiana Valenciano, Donny Pangilinan, and Gab Pangilinan.

miel pangilinan with her dad kiko
Miel Pangilinan with her dad Kiko Pangilinan

When She Was In School She Begun Getting Lot of Compliments From Schoolmates

Miel Pangilinan graduated from high school in June 2023. She received a loyalty award for studying in the same school from kindergarten to grade 12. She also participated in various school activities such as prom and graduation ball. She plans to take a gap year before enrolling in college in New York, where her sister Frankie is also studying.

She Decided To Be A Part of the Entertainment Industry and Follow Her Career

Miel Pangilinan is a content creator who posts videos on TikTok and Instagram. She showcases her talents in singing, dancing, acting, and comedy. She also shares her opinions on various topics such as LGBTQ+ rights, mental health, body positivity, and social issues. She has over 27 thousand followers on Instagram and over 26 thousand followers on TikTok.

miel pangilinan height

Miel has also appeared in some TV shows and commercials with her family. She was featured in Sharon’s talk show “Sharon at Home” in 2012. She also starred in a Jollibee commercial with her parents and siblings in 2016. She also joined her mother and sister Frankie in singing “Mr. DJ” at the ABS-CBN Christmas Special in 2017.

Coming Out Story and LGBTQ+ Advocacy

Miel Pangilinan came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in June 2022. She celebrated her first pride month as openly and publicly queer by posting photos of herself holding a rainbow flag on Instagram. She said that it was an emotional and freeing time for her and that she was thankful for the support and love of her close friends and family.

miel pangilinan's childhood image with her sister frankie
Miel Pangilinan’s childhood image with her sister Frankie Pangilinan

She also said that she had spent many sleepless nights worrying and wondering about her identity and that she was now comfortable enough in who she was and who she loved. She also acknowledged the struggles and sacrifices of queer Filipinos throughout history and said that she was trying to educate herself on the current issues relating to gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights in the country.

Miel received positive messages from her family members, including her parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles. They expressed their pride, love, acceptance, and support for her. Her mother Sharon said that Miel did not choose to be queer but she just was and that she would love her just the same or more. Her father Kiko said that he loved his “Yellie Bellie” no matter what.

Now Know Her Exact Measurements

Miel Pangilinan’s height and weight are not publicly disclosed, but based on the photos she posts online, she appears to be around 5 feet 4 inches and has an overweight body. She has long black hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. She likes to dress in casual and colorful outfits, often accessorizing with earrings, necklaces, and hats. She also likes to experiment with different makeup looks, such as bold lip colors, glitter eyeshadow, and winged eyeliner.


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