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This post received more than 1,500 views on the microblogging platform. (actor photo)

Bengaluru, the startup capital of India, is known for its unique culture and appeal that continues to invite people to work there. The city has also recently become the focus of numerous online memes highlighting unique events that can only happen there. Many stories of ‘peak Bengaluru’ moments can be found online. Now, an X (formerly Twitter) user shared her interesting experience with a Rapido driver who worked as a manager for a major company.

Taking to She concluded her post by mentioning the city’s unique culture. “Anything is possible in Bangalore,” the user said.

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Ms. Shruti also tagged the official handle of Rapido app. In response, the company expressed its gratitude and desire to enjoy enjoyable trips in the future.

“Hi Shruti, We are grateful for your kind words towards our Captain. After reading your post, we are really happy and hope that your next trips with us will be enjoyable. Keep riding with Rapido. Feel free to get back to us via Rapido Books: DM for any future assistance.

Since being shared a few days ago, User X’s post has garnered more than 1,500 views on the microblogging platform. It even attracted attention, with one user commenting: “Interesting!” “I don’t need LinkedIn anymore,” another jokingly suggested.

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Meanwhile, in another incident in the Bengaluru peak, an X user revealed that a taxi driver has launched his ride-sharing app in the market and is promoting it. He wants to compete with industry giants Uber and Ola. The post was shared by a user using the handle The Bengaluru Man.

“Peak Bengaluru: My uber cab driver Mr Lokesh told me that he has launched his own app to compete with uber and ola and already has more than 600 drivers on his app. Moreover, today they launched Apple’s IOS version as well,” he said on X, Twitter Previously, the combined brochure that had the company’s website, customer service number and email on it.

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